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Over the last 20-30 years Complementary Therapies and Aromatherapy, in particular, have become more known and extensively used by professionals and amateurs at home and around the world. It’s become fashionable with all Complementary Therapies – it’s not a new trend.


History of Aromatherapy

Some of the earliest writings on the use of aromatic or essential oils on the body have been found in China, dating back 2000 years B.C.

Several oils are referred to and their properties are basically the same as they are today.

Most evidence of the widespread use of oils comes from Ancient Egypt where the doctors of the time (known as “priests”) used oils for their offerings to their gods.

Jumping forward to the early 19th Century when a professor Renee Gatefosse in France, who was a chemist, burnt his hand and by mistake put on lavender oil.

To his amazement, the oils soothed and replenished the skin with minimal scarring.  That’s where it originally derived from.


The oils are inhaled through the nose and we absorb them through the skin. it’s not advised to ever drink essential oils as they can damage your body.


  • Room diffusers
  • Room sprays
  • Pillow mists
  • Compress
  • Massage
  • Vapourisation
  • Foot soaks


Aromatherapy can be used for clients experiencing conditions ranging from physical and emotional issues.

General Precautions (Contraindications)


A consultation by a qualified professional for a client’s needs will outline allergies, and medical conditions where Aromatherapy isn’t suitable.

All aromatherapy oils have properties where they cannot be used with certain clients e.g. during pregnancy, or for those with heart conditions, and high and low blood pressure. 

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can be uplifting, relaxing and promote a good night’s sleep. Certain oils have been found to have specific properties. For example, Rosemary can aid concentration when studying.

When you book in for an Aromatherapy session with me, we have a conversation where I listen to your needs and select the most suitable oils blended specifically for you.




Did you know?

It only takes seconds for the body to absorb the aromatherapy blend and for you to begin to feel the benefit.


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